Inside units

Our secured building in Boortmeerbeek is equipped with heated, clean and damp-proof storage boxes with surfaces ranging from 1m² to 80 m². The storage units are accessible exclusively to registered and authorized people. Camera protection, fire detection and access control provide 24/24h optimal protection of your goods.

The large storage spaces are located on the ground floor; the smaller boxes are on the first floor. Inside the building, broad corridors and access doors facilitate the smooth and quick handling of your freight transport. The units on the first floor are accessible through a spacious lift located near the access.

Our storage spaces are suitable for a large number of applications:

  • Temporary or permanent storage space for companies, shops or private individuals.
  • Central distribution point
  • Seasonal articles
  • E-commerce
  • Archive storage
  • Storage of materials for regular use
  • Storage for the relocation of a company or office
  • Furniture storage
  • ...

Loading and unloading with CALUVAN SELF STORAGE is particularly easy for large as well as for small amounts of goods and in all weather conditions. Trucks can make use of our covered load and unload quay, equipped with a hydraulic lift.

Thanks to the central location in Flemish Brabant on the junction Leuven-Mechelen-Vilvoorde-Brussels business center CALUVAN SELF STORAGE is perfectly fit as a turntable for every company.

Outside units

We offer storage space for outside usage as well. On our fenced and secured sites, storage modules are present where customers can place goods insensitive to weather conditions. Broad paved access routes and exits allow for materials to be brought close to the units, whatever the nature of the materials may be. The storage spaces are accessible exclusively to registered and authorized people. Camera protection and access control secure the optimal protection of your goods.

The agreements are automatically prolonged per calendar month until CALUVAN SELF STORAGE receives your written recision. At the conclusion of the agreement you pay the amount for the first period (month) and a deposit in cash, by transfer, bankcard or credit card in our office in Boortmeerbeek. From then on, you pay by means of transfer, each time at the latest one week before the beginning of a new month.

You can resign in writing per letter, or per email, at the latest 14 days before the end of the period. The unit has to be left empty and clean, afterwards your deposit will be transferred back to you.


The storage of dangerous goods and executing activities are not allowed in our units for safety reasons. Flammable, dangerous or soluble (chemical) products, inclusive all dangerous preparations and substances such as in art 723 bis (ARAB) are forbidden as well as perishable foodstuffs and living or illegal goods. Before proceeding with the agreement, CALUVAN SELF STORAGE has to be fully informed about the products in stock..